What is the Arts & Crafts Route?

Being a true multicultural border in which people from different areas from the country and the world, Tijuana provokes the evident mixture and transformation of the language, the clothing and the social daily practices. Also, it has the space for artistic manifestations, thus, the creation of arts and crafts.

The arts and crafts in Tijuana are proof of the merge of traditions from different parts of the country and the world. We can see the fortunate result of what talented hands can create with some imagination.

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Aguascalientes - Rococó clothing
Cd. de México - Ceramic little house
Chiapas - Ambar necklace
Edo. de México - Life tree
Guanajuato - Porcelain Ceramics
Guerrero - Abalone and Pearl Eagler
Jalisco - Hand embroidered clothes
Michoacan - Woven scarves
Nayarit - Huichol sequin mask
Oaxaca - Wood peacock
Puebla - Talavera cross
Sonora - Ironwood eagle
Tijuana - Angels made of leather
Tlaxcala - Woven capes
Yucatan - Guayaberas